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Asks, Invites, and Snoopy

Today is my birthday! How cool is that?!? Today, I turn 62! Ok, not so cool, but honestly, I feel pretty good about that too! My dad...

A Crow, a Baby Bunny, and a Mama Bear

Guest Post by Mona Chicks The other day, I watched the epic battle between a crow and a mama bear. Well, perhaps it was a rabbit but it...

Does Anyone Do Friendship Anymore?

Friends. Do you have any? Is that still a thing? This week I have a wonderful friend coming to visit. We’ve been buddies for over 40...

Renaming the Mary's in our Story

One of my favorite books is a novel that my son, Ben, gave to me called: The Book of Strange New Things. When my son gave me this book,...

Contra Dancing, Kamsahamnida, and Easter

Question: Are we really an Easter Community? Last Sunday I preached a message that encouraged each of us to move from thinking of Easter...

Sometimes it's best to keep it simple

Sometimes when I think of the plethora of problems this world has, I find myself throwing up my hands in frustration! I feel like a...

Leaving Lattes for Lent

To any of you that really know me, you probably know two things about me: One is that I’m a strict non-traditionalist.  As a pastor, for...

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